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Equipped with a Cummins Tier 4 final engine, an attractive cabin interior design and a state of the art intelligent sweeper monitoring system.

The 5 iSeries sets the benchmark in sweeping.

Rental Inclusions

Vehicle Dimensions

Machine Weight: 13,110 lbs

Length: 178 “

Width: 95″

Turning radius: 199″

Suction System

4.7 x 24.8″ Corten steel suction nozzle and 8.9″ stainless steel suction tube with optional linatex lining available. At optimal rate, allows suction of 14,000 cfm.

Hopper Capacity

Stainless steel

Volume: 6.5 cu yd

Dumping Height: 3.3 ft

Payload: 12,125 lbs

Brush System

RAVO maintenance free pulling brush system with constant brush pressure that extends broom life by 50%. Maintenance friendly with no greasing points. 36″ diameter sweeping  brooms

Optional: 3rd broom/weed cutter. Take control by maximizing your maneuverability.


Cummins QSF3.8 Diesel 4 Cyl.    Maximum power: 138hp @2300 rpm

Fuel/Water Tank

Capacity Fuel: 28 gal.

Capacity Water Tank: 160 gal.

Available Options

This option offers a flexible solution to lift sweeping debris over an into 5.3' waste containers. If you are planning to transport waste by other means this a great option for you.


Our standard unloading option of managing sweeping debris. Capable of handling more waste than container dump and has a dumping height of 3.3'
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