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Our certified RAVO technicians provide all maintenance services on sweepers. Request an onsite visit for any preventative or full service. Depending on the severity of major services we can arrive onsite or pickup and bring to our facility. Our fast, and trustworthy technicians can assure that your sweeper will be serviced with satisfaction guaranteed. 

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General Preventative Maintenance

Reach your machines full  reliability, performance, and overall quality by ensuring regular and professional maintenance and inspections from our certified RAVO trained technicians. During the street sweeping season, your machines will endure heavy and consistent workloads. We recommend for each season or every 250 sweeping hrs. you get your sweeper the proper care it needs to keep up with productivity and efficiency. If neglected, worn parts can lead to the failure of other critical components. 


Prior to storing your machine in conditions of freezing temperatures we recommend you get your sweeper winterized in order to avoid damages to your water system.

Certified RAVO Technicians

At Northeast Sweepers and Rentals, Inc. we assure that our machines are safe and efficient for the use of sweeper operators. In order to sustain this assurance we challenge our technicians to complete a series of tests and extensive factory training. One of the many requirements technicians have to face at Northeast Sweepers and Rentals is the assessment on Cummins Diesel Engines.

Once technicians complete their qualifications, they are then certified and ready to properly service our machines.

Our certified RAVO service technicians are available to perform all maintenance requests of our products in-house or onsite quickly and efficiently. 



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RAVO Academy

At Northeast Sweepers we believe in educating our customers on the RAVO unit. Upon a purchase we invite operators, mechanics, and supervisors to attend the exclusive USA RAVO Academy. It leads to operator confidence, preventative maintenance, and valuable information that will elongate the life of the machine. 

The academy will educate attendees on how to effectively operate the machine and discuss preventative maintenance tips to preserve longevity of the machine. Upon completion attendees will get certified into the “Exclusive USA RAVO Operators Club” Snacks and Lunch will be provided



Would you like to attend the Next Ravo Academy? Feel Free to contact us at Northeast Sweepers.

Number of Current Graduates: 535