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Sweepers and Sweeper Options

Mathieu Azura Flex MC210

A small sweeper with big capabilities. Built with a 2.5 cubic yard stainless steel hopper and a suction power of 8500 CFM, the Mathieu MC210 will change your community.                                                                      

Ravo 5i Series

Equipped with a Cummins Tier 4 final engine, an attractive cabin interior design and a state of the art intelligent sweeper monitoring system the 5 iSeries sets the benchmark in sweeping.                      

Mathieu MC110

The compact MC110 sweeper has been designed to offer ultra-compact architecture combined with great maneuverability for collecting waste in the narrowest parts of your public areas including pavement, pedestrian areas, and parking areas.

Ravo 3rd Broom Option

Increase the sweeping range and versatility when operating the RAVO 5 iSeries. An efficient way to clean pavements and road gutters. Equipped with a ‘quick release’ feature for easy removal or installation.

Wanderhose Option

Get the most out of street cleaning. The wander hose is perfect for sucking up leaves, and for emptying gutters and waste bins.                                                                                                                              

Porous Pavement Cleaner Option

Keep up with advanced storm water maintenance by using this RAVO 5 iSeries attachment on porous pavement in your community. Helps prevent clogging by pressure washing, loosening and vacuuming debris that is trapped in the pavement.

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In 2011 the Village of Seneca Falls dissolved and the Town took over all responsibilities for the Village. One of the pieces of equipment that was inherited was an old street sweeper. Being the town Highway Superintendent of town roads. I wasn't familiar with street sweepers having not needed one before. I recieved permission from the Town Board to research and select a sweeper that would fit our needs. After months of demos [ Elgin, Tymco and Johnston] and sales pitches on how great their sweepers were against others, along came a Ravo. I have seen a Ravo at an auction and commented to my Deputy that it would make a nice sweeper. Small, easy to get around our narrow streets and behind the downtown area. When Northeast Sweepers asked to demo one for us and asked to set up an area to demo, we threw everything at it. Leaves, asphalt, concrete, garbage and dirt. No problem for that machine. I knew I found the machine for us. The Ravo does everything we want it to do and more. We use it for everything besides just cleaning streets. The residents really like it also. No loud noise in the mornings, easy to get around and is pretty as a picture. We put several historical scenes from around the town on it. I would recommend this machine to anyone and the people of Northeast Sweepers are a great group to work with.
Town of Seneca
Don Wood - Highway/Water Superintendent
Last year we purchased a RAVO Sweeper from Northeast Sweepers of NJ. We now have over 500 hrs on this machine and it has had no mechanical problems at all. Before buying this machine we tested four other sweepers, Eglin, Johnston, Tymco, and Dulevo. We threw all kinds of debris in front of this machine to test its capabilities: leaves, crushed concrete and small rocks were picked up with no problem. Basically, it picked up everything we put in front of it. We have 26 miles of roads in our village with small narrow streets which this machine is perfect for because of its tight turning radius. Our previous sweeper could not go down some of these roads because of its height. The service department has been excellent and they have had all parts to the sweeper in stock. We also have the vacuum attachment which works great because now we can super suck all of our smaller catch basins at our leisure because previously we would have to borrow a super sucker from another township. I would recommend the RAVO Sweeper to any Municipal DPW or Government agency.
Sag Harbor Long Island
Dee Yardley - Superintendent of Public Works
I am writing this letter of reference on behalf of Northeast Sweepers LLC. Early last year I received approval from the mayor and Council to purchase a now sweeper and after extensive research we made the decision to purchase the RAVO Sweeper from Northeast Sweepers. Carmen Lore and Tyler Slaman were and continue to be attentive to all our questions and needs. We are extremely happy with the RAVO Sweeper in both its reliability and performance. The RAVO has met and continues to meet our expectations. If I was going to purchase another sweeper it would be RAVO. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Town of Kearny
Gerard B. Kerr